Top Amenities and Services For Your Newly Built House For The Family

A newly built home is a fantastic achievement. You’ve attained that part of the American dream that many aspire to for themselves. Chances are you went to great lengths to build your home just the way you want it and fulfilled the requests of your family to the best of your abilities. A great deal of time, money, and planning was likely put into your newly built house, and you’re probably planning to stay there for many years. If you’ve got children, pets, or even elderly family members living in your new home, you will want the best services and amenities the area surrounding your newly built house can offer.

While you may not like everything near your property clogging up your view and privacy, it is crucial to have it nearby. Things like schools, theaters, parks, doctors, and more are all things to look for once you’ve settled into your new home. If you’re new to the community, ask your neighbors or check online community forums for recommendations. If you’re unsure where to start, this blog will explore some of the top amenities and services your family may need in your newly built house.

1. Proximity to Learning Institutions

If you have children, one of the first things you’ll want to do after moving into your newly built house is scope out the schools. You’ll need to find out what nearby schools meet your preferences. Are you looking for solid public schools, the best private schools, pre-schools, or community colleges?

Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll need to do some research. First, find out exactly where the school is, and decide if it’s walkable, within driving distance, or maybe there’s a school bus that will come to pick up everyone. The school’s proximity is essential for you to plan your daily schedule and ensure everyone has enough time to get where they’re going.

You’ll also need to consider being reasonably close for pick-ups in case of emergencies like illness, injury, and bad weather. If you can’t get there, you’ll have to assign a nearby emergency contact who can get there quickly. Then there are always those phone calls busy parents dread about the forgotten lunch, notebook, or gym shorts. It’s times like that you’ll appreciate having schools close to your newly built home.

2. Health and Wellness Institutions

Other services most families look for when moving into their newly built house are medical providers. This is especially important if you have children and extended family living with you, like older parents. Consider researching local Medicare providers, so your elderly family members can get the care they need.

It’s also vital with children to make sure there are pediatricians in the area who can see your kids when they are sick or injured. Research local hospitals to see what services they offer and where they are located. Keep their information on hand, just in case. It’s also helpful if there’s an urgent care or walk-in clinic nearby. You never know when you’ll need them.

Ask around to the neighbors about the best dentist in the area. Your entire family will probably be due for their annual exam after focusing on home-building for so long. Don’t neglect yourself either; look for an excellent general practitioner and specialists you may need for any health conditions you have.

3. Legal Support Network

Another service you’ll want to know is there if you need it is a legal support network. Chances are you already have a real estate lawyer who helped you with the ins and outs of your home-building process, but they don’t specialize in other matters. Hopefully, you won’t need other lawyers, but it’s best to be prepared.

For example, if someone in your house is injured in a car accident in your new town, an accident injury attorney may need to be contacted. You’ll want someone who is experienced and aware of local and state laws, as well as how the insurance process works. It’s best to ask for recommendations from local community members and follow up online by reviewing the attorney’s website and reviews. Another type of lawyer that may be beneficial at this time is an estate planning attorney. The newly built house is likely worth a great deal of money.

An estate planning attorney can help you plan for the future and ensure that the house and its contents are dealt with per your wishes. They will also be able to help you work out guardianship issues for your children and anything else related to your last will and estate. It’s not pleasant, but something we all need to think about, especially when we own property. Other attorneys you may want to research include divorce, custody, and Medicare for assistance with elderly family members.

4. Maintenance Services

One crucial set of services you don’t want to be without is maintaining your newly built home. Everything is probably in excellent working order and tip-top shape since it’s all-new, but over time, appliances break down, air vents get clogged, dust bunnies creep up, and people even get locked out of the house. So you’re probably going to need some help.

It’s a good idea to employ heating and air conditioning services for annual inspections and cleanings. This can extend the life of your equipment and keep it from breaking down. Another maintenance service you may need is a house cleaning company. A new house is so nice and shiny, a cleaning company can help keep it that way.

Let’s not forget the exterior of your home, either. Landscaping, power washing, and landscape design companies will help keep your newly built home looking great all year round. You’ll want to get the names of excellent local plumbers and electricians. A power outage or leak can occur even in the newest of homes. It’s best to be prepared with reliable professionals who can help.

One maintenance aspect you may not give much thought to, but you will probably need at some point, is a local locksmith service. While most of us have spare keys somewhere, it usually turns out to be inside the place where you’re locked out. A locksmith can help you not only get back into your home but your car, garage, or any place that has a lock but no key. Chances are there will always be a situation where you’ll need an unexpected service. The important thing is to know how and where to access it, so talk to your neighbors and do your research.

5. Pet Friendly Features

If pets are a part of your family, finding services and amenities for them is just as crucial as obtaining them for yourself. The most essential service to locate is a good veterinarian. When researching, make sure they offer services for the pet you have. Ask if they have emergency or urgent care, and go for a tour before committing.

Next, if you have dogs, check around for local dog parks where your pup can exercise and make new friends. Ask your fellow pet parent neighbors for advice on grooming services. Whether you have cats or dogs, eventually, they will need to see a professional groomer for haircuts, nail trimming, and bathing. If everyone is out at work and school all day, you may not want to leave your furry friend home alone.

A local doggy daycare can help care for your pet and keep them company while you’re away. Ask if the daycare offers pet boarding; if they don’t, you may need to add a kennel to your search list for when you go on vacation. Lastly, don’t forget to find the local pet stores, so you can stock up on supplies like food, litter, toys, and treats!

6. Waste Management

Knowing how to dispose of your trash should be one of the first things you do when moving into your newly built home. It’s a matter of health and safety for your family. Many towns include trash removal in their services, while others require homeowners to pay for their own. If you need to get your own, ask neighbors who they use and act quickly so garbage doesn’t build up. If the town picks up, find out what days they come and the procedures for picking up.

For example, you may need to put cans out, or they may come collect them in the back of your house. Ali inquires about how to recycle. Again, many times offer pickup a few times a month, but others may require you to bring recyclables to a central location. Don’t forget to inquire about local dumpster services and if you need a permit. Chances are you’ll need one if you have leftover building materials or old furniture you’re letting go of.

7. Nearby Entertainment

While searching for all the required and necessary services that your family will need, don’t forget about entertainment. Scope out the social scene and entertainment facilities in the area. Make sure there’s something for everyone.

If you’ve got older family members living with you, look for a local senior center where they can play cards, watch movies, and make new friends. Many senior groups go on day trips and even cruises, so it’s something that your parent or grandparent may enjoy. Next, look into activities that will keep the kids entertained.

Most towns have community centers with clubs and fun stuff for kids of all ages. Check out the local sports scene; you’ll probably find many teams, from soccer and baseball to swimming and football, for the kids to join. Search for family activities like local movie theaters, arcades, waterparks, and sportsplexes. Remember those rainy days when you want to do things indoors, like museums and maybe an art class?

Along the way, don’t forget about yourself and your partner. The stress of a new home and town can lead to distance in a relationship. Make time for yourselves and plan a date night or two. Find great restaurants, clubs, and events like concerts or comedy nights. You may even want to give each other some time to visit with old friends, so be sure you know a good local sports bar or day spa that you can escape to.

8. Recreational Parks Good For Mental Health

Hopefully, you’ve chosen a location for your newly built house in a community that has the amenities mentioned above and services but left some wide open spaces for some fun. It’s been proven that fresh air, exercise, and sunlight are vital to mental health. What better way to avoid a psychiatrist than to spend the day in the park with your family?

Parks offer a variety of opportunities to gather and have fun. Depending on the size and amenities offered, you and the family could spend an entire day basking in the sun, enjoying many fabulous activities. You could not only picnic and play some basketball, but the kids can swing and slide to their hearts’ content. Later, everyone can gather for a hike or take a paddle boat onto the lake.

If you want to relax, grab a book and find a big old tree to sit under. It’s a great way to meet new people and then get together with old friends you haven’t seen for a while. The park is a great place to have an impromptu softball game or find some folks to play Frisbee with. If your family has a dog, it’s one of the best ways to include it in a family outing. Time spent outdoors is guaranteed to help you unwind after a long week at work, school and getting that newly built house in order.

Having the appropriate amenities and services for your newly built house is vital for the health and happiness of your family. But it would help if you also considered nearby fun and recreational activities. We can’t have everything at our fingertips all the time, but it’s essential to find a balance that suits the needs of your particular family. Consider making a list of your own and decide what services you cannot do without and need nearby. We hope this list gives you a great place to start.



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