How to Prep for Dumpster Deliveries

If you are having repairs or renovation done to your home, you need to prep your property for dumpster deliveries. The video from Budget Dumpster offers meaningful tips on how to prepare for the arrival of such a large object. It is important to choose a location for the drop-off and make sure all potential obstacles are removed from the area.

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Make Room For The Dumpster

Do not be alarmed if the prep work for the drop-off takes longer than the actual delivery of the dumpster. The location must be at least 60 feet long. 10.5 feet wide and 25 feet tall. Also, choose a site that has a clear straight path to the home. After selecting where to place the dumpster on your property, it is best to mark the space. It will guarantee the dumpster will be placed in the desired space. Finally, assist the driver by confirming the drop-off location before they roll the dumpster off the truck.

Preparing the Driveway For The Dumpster

Most repair or renovation contractors prefer having the dumpster be located on the property’s driveway. It offers easy access to place heavy objects inside the dumpster without anyone being at risk of injury. In the preparation process, all cars will need to be placed in the garage or on the street. The space needs to be cleared and free of any hanging branches from trees near the driveway. Also, all electrical wiring should be covered and protected from possible damage.


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