How to Decide Between Moving Companies

Plenty goes into deciding between moving companies. The video illustrates some of the main points one needs to consider. The aspects to look out for are the moving company’s reputation & referrals, insurance, and the price point.

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Below are more factors you need to consider:

Reputation & Referrals

Checking reviews is the best and quickest way of knowing whether a company is reputable. Asking friends and family who have moved before could be one of the most reliable ways to know more about a company. If you don’t have anyone to ask, online reviews could also be a reliable resource.


One has to relate the price quoted with the quality of handling of their possessions. The certificate of insurance (COI) always comes in handy in such situations. It insures the value of your possessions and protects against any damages.


Compare different baseline rates and get each company’s quote estimates in writing. Some companies use hourly rates, and others offer flat rates. If possible, go for flat rates. That avoids a lot of back and forth when it comes to paying. Some hourly rate movers take up additional time with the moving to increase the fee.

Finally, look out for additional charges. Some moving company rates might look affordable and enticing but skew due to additional charges such as complexity fees and mileage fees if the move exceeds the movers’ base-rate radius.


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