The Truth Behind Dental Stains and What You Can Do About Them

Properly managing your oral health is an excellent way to avoid tooth decay and other dental problems. Even more, it also helps keep bad breath and other gum diseases at bay.

But no matter what you do, your teeth can get yellow over time. But what are the things that cause tooth discoloration?

Primary causes of tooth discoloration

Brown spots on a person’s teeth can be subtle or noticeable, depending on the severity of their condition. These stains often range from almost yellow to dark brown. Some cases even show brown spots that appear to resemble mottled patches or irregular shapes.

Experts say that brown spots are often a sign of poor oral hygiene. But there are times that it can be a symptom of another underlying health concern, such as celiac disease.

Food and drinks such as tea, potatoes, apples, and wines can also cause your teeth to get stained. That’s because these foods contain chemical compounds call chromogens, which gives them an intense color that stains a person’s teeth.

Tobacco can also cause the surface of the teeth to get stained. The nicotine found in various tobacco products such as cigarettes, pipe tobacco, chewing tobacco, and cigars also does the same thing.

When a person’s tooth enamel starts to erode, the plaque will soon begin to form on his or her teeth. If left untreated, the acid that the bacteria produce can cause the tooth enamel to break down even further. Thus, causing the teeth to get brown stains as well as cavities. Aside from tooth decay, tartar can also start to build up. Plaque that fails to get removed regularly can begin to harden. Thus, turning it into tartar. It can range in various ranges in color from yellow to brown and often appears along the person’s gum line.

Fluoride can also cause a person’s teeth to get yellow, too. Although fluoride can efficiently help protect a person’s teeth, excessive exposure to it can cause a person to suffer from dental fluorosis. This dental condition commonly occurs in children, especially while their teeth are forming. The appearance of dental fluorosis is relatively mild. It often appears as a white, and lacy markings on the teeth’s surface.

Preventing tooth discoloration

brushing teeth

Going to a dentist in Longmont, CO, can help you manage your teeth. But you can also find other ways to help protect your teeth from dental staining, too.

One of the best things that you can do to protect your teeth from discoloration is to quit smoking. Although it can be difficult at first, allowing yourself to be healthy is not only good for your teeth but your health as well.

Brushing your teeth after eating and drinking is good, too. You need to brush your teeth regularly, especially after drinking or eating foods that can stain teeth.

These are only a few of the things that you need to remember about teeth discoloration. So that you can prevent it from happening, regular visits to the dentist and proper oral hygiene is a must.

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