Fall Cleaning: Preparing Your Home for Autumn

There is much to love about fall — the cooler temperatures, the darker mornings, the crisp, falling leaves, and the vivid, blazing colors of the trees from which they fall. But as the days get shorter and holder, our homes also get affected. So, we need to get some fall chores done, especially the following.

Fertilizing the lawn

Your lawn needs ample protection over the winter so it can grow back up come springtime. Fertilizing in the fall strengthens the roots of your plants and lawn, which will give them a solid base to grow faster next spring. For areas like Nevada, Utah and California that experience the driest summers in the country, fall feeding is extremely important.

By dosing your lawn with the right amount of fertilizer in autumn, you are triggering the renewed growth of the blades and roots of your greenery. This ensures that your grass grows thick and healthy again before the colder temperatures of winter set in.

Cleaning the gutters

We call it fall because a lot of natural debris, such as leaves and twigs, fall during this season, and they can clog the gutters. Clogged gutters can be dangerous, as they channel water down the side of the house, which damages the foundation and even floods the basement.

Grab a ladder and pull out debris from your gutters by hand. If you have a one-storey house, you can use a leaf-blower gutter cleaning attachment to blast off the debris

For places that experience moderate to heavy precipitation during the fall, like Florida, Missouri, and Washington State, hiring professionals for thorough cleaning is a lot ideal. Local cleaners would also know the specific needs for your area, so it is best to employ professional gutter cleaning in Seattle if you live there, for example.

Take care of your HVAC

Your AC has been working hard all summer long so now is the time to give it a rest. But before you lay it off for the winter, make sure that you clean its coils. There are a lot of videos online that can show you how to do this safely yourself.

If you are done with your AC for the year, you need to cover the outdoor unit to prevent ice from damaging the system and the buildup of any debris. Make sure that all the vents indoors are uncovered. Change the filter and clean the air ducts.

Check and clean your chimney

cozy little room with chimney

The cooler temperatures mean that you need to start putting your fireplace to use, and keep using it until the end of winter. If your chimney is not working correctly, however, it might fill up your home with smoke, soot, and carbon monoxide, which can lead to serious health problems on top of the usual diseases that come with the cold.

Chimney cleaning is best left to the professionals. Even if you own a gas fireplace, it still needs to be inspected to ensure that that pipe has no cracks that will let smoke into your home. The cost for professional chimney cleaning services usually range between $100-$200.

Autumn is a wonderful season but certain measures need to be taken to keep your home from falling apart. Once you get these done, you can sit back and enjoy everything the season has to offer with peace of mind.

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