Springtime Gift Ideas for Newlywed Couples

It’s an exciting feeling when a soon-to-be couple invites you to witness their wedding. However, after you figure out the perfect dress and matching jewelry for the event, you’ll realize that you also need to think of the right gift. You may even find it hard to think of a gift to a seemingly affluent couple who might already have all the material things in life. Here are some of the things you need to consider when shopping for a wedding gift in the U.S.

There’s a reason why we find gift shopping a difficult task

Checking online baby boutiques in Phoenix, Arizona might be the easiest thing to do this springtime if you know that the couple is already expecting a baby anytime soon or they have circulated a wedding wish list. However, that’s rarely the case. Don’t fret if you find it difficult to decide on what kind of gift to give on a solemn event like a wedding. A previous study revealed that people are often awful gift-givers because we’re too preoccupied on what the receivers will think as they open a gift. Uniqueness, price tag, making an impression and sentimental value, are some of the factors that make wedding gift shopping a challenging experience. The same study even revealed that while we give too much effort in finding the right gift, recipients often don’t care unless they’ve personally requested for a particular gift.

Most wedding guests often think of their budget when shopping for a gift, especially those who are economically challenged. It’s ideal to stick with your budget when buying a gift regardless of your closeness to the couple or the amount they spent on each guest. Some people consider buying a practical home or kitchen items that the new couple may use as they start a new life. When you search Pinterest for wedding gift ideas, you’ll notice that many of the gift suggestions are affordable personalized home and kitchenware products. That might give you a hint that it’s totally fine to give practical gifts.

An experiential wedding gift is another way to surprise newlyweds

wedding at a view

Some people who attend weddings prefer giving experiential gifts as they believe that the “perfect gift isn’t something you can wrap.” While there are luxurious and ultra expensive experiential gifts like a helicopter sightseeing tour or a drive the desert rally, there are affordable experiential gifts that you can give to a newlywed couple. You may want to book the new couple for a soothing massage or romantic dining for two after the wedding day. Experiential wedding gifts create lasting memories for the couple. You may want to still think of practicality when giving an experiential gift. For example, you may want to find an experiential activity near the couple’s home.

It’s normal for people to find it difficult to think of a wedding gift. When thinking of a wedding gift, it’s ideal that you consider practicality that you think the newlywed couple can use. Giving an experiential gift, on the other hand, is a unique way to surprise a couple.

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