Be Safe on Your Night Out with These Tips

At the end of the week, it’s time to relax. This should be simple enough since finding a full bar in Spring Hill, KS, and other urban areas is easy now. But there is still a risk in going out for a night of drinking in the town. To avoid having an unfortunate night, here are some safety tips:

Go with Friends

There is safety in numbers. Always bring friends along or meet up with them when you are planning a night out. Not just one person but a whole group of people would be best if you want to have a memorable and fun night out. The more, the merrier. Your friends can liven up the night and allow you to do something other than drinking. Have a chat with them, blow off some steam, or play some bar games. With your friends along, you’re likely to drink less.

Another great thing about having friends is that they can notice if you don’t look so good or are too drunk. Many people tend to be blind about how drunk they are. With friends around, you’ll have people making sure you are okay. At worst, you’ll be crashing on someone’s couch until the next day.

Slow Down

Many people drink their alcohol quick; one glass, one shot. However, you’re out for a night of fun and there’s no need to hurry. Your blood’s alcohol content sharply increases when you keep on drinking. The best rate of drinking is one standard drink per hour.

Flying colours against friends singing at karaokeThis might seem a bit harsh, but there’s a way to stretch that out. Non-alcoholic drinks can stretch that out by mixing them with alcohol. There are also low alcohol options. Even just a plain glass of water can help with your thirst. You should also just sip your drink and not gulp it down.

Have Something to Eat

A night out is never complete if you don’t at least eat something. Drinking may be fun, but there’s nothing like having your taste buds tickled by some delectable dishes. It also helps with slowing down the processing of the alcohol in your stomach. Alcohol is processed via the stomach lining, so that means an empty stomach will result in faster alcohol absorption. With food in your stomach, you can expect to be drunk a lot later. Eating before and during drinking is good; no sweets though.

However, you shouldn’t be eating salty snacks when drinking. This just makes you thirstier, forcing you to drink more.

Don’t Drink and Drive

The constant refrain that many people hear from others is to not drink and drive. That stays the same because driving under the influence is a very bad idea considering there are dozens of options available out there. Ride-sharing apps are always dependable and cabs are just there. As an alternative, you can crash at your friend’s place or have your driver (if you have one) pick you up and drive you home.

Everyone has the right to enjoy themselves. But they still need to know how to stay safe, especially when they are drinking. Remember the tips above so that you can be assured of going home safe.

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