Why You Should Have a Destination Wedding

After the proposal and all the celebration that comes with it, one of the first and most crucial decisions an engaged couple has to make is not only when but where to get married. For those who don’t want a regular, run-of-the-mill wedding, destination weddings are a great option. You can have a unique yet cost-efficient affair, at a location that can be truly inspiring. Here are other good reasons that you should consider having a destination wedding.

Easy to Plan

Some wedding packages are all-inclusive with your French chateau, beach resort, barn, or whatever wedding venue you choose. This means that the venue will be in charge of the catering, music, and ceremony planning, ensuring that you have a relatively stress-free wedding.

Make Your Budget Go Further

Weddings can be costly affairs. The good news is that destination weddings can cost less than traditional, local weddings. For example, if you chose an international location with a favorable exchange rate, you can get more bang for your buck. The lovely scenery can mean that you won’t need much décor.

Keep the Guest List Intimate

Since your wedding is going to be held somewhere far away, not everyone is going to be able to attend. Having a destination wedding can cut your guest count and ensure that your wedding is intimate. You can be sure that you’ll be surrounded by loved ones who truly know you and truly want to be there. Additionally, with a small guest list, you’ll be able to actually spend time with your guests.

Endless Photo Opportunities

photographer photographing beautiful happy brideWhen you celebrate your wedding traditionally, you may get photos that look the same as the people you know who also got married in that area. With a destination wedding, your wedding photos will capture a special, utterly new environment. You can even choose to work with a photographer local to that area to take memorable and spectacular photos incorporating the natural landscape and other unique details of the locale.

Make Your Wedding Unique

In 2017, an estimated 2.24 million Americans got married. How many of those weddings were destination weddings? And of those destination weddings, how many were held at the same venue as yours? Probably not a lot. If you have a destination wedding, you will definitely stand out from the crowd.

You also have more opportunities to customize your wedding when it is held out of town. Virtually every destination has a local custom that you can incorporate into your ceremony.

Have a Vacation at the Same Time

Your destination wedding can double as a vacation for both you and your guests! More often than not, your guests will arrive about a day or two prior to the wedding itself, so you’ll all have time together to explore the locale and soak in the sights before celebrating your very special day.

More often than not, a destination wedding results in a very intimate, personal wedding ceremony that you won’t be forgetting any time soon. With a destination wedding, the world is your oyster!

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