What Inspires Your Garden Room Designs? Consider These

There are numerous garden room designs on the internet today that it is easy to find a few that match what you could be considering. But, you cannot have all of them in one project. You will require picking a few elements here and borrow others from the other designs to create a unique one.

Contractors and experts on garden rooms can also advise you on the critical checks to consider. Some of these will include the following:

Defining your space

Which elements do you want to be the focal point in your garden room? How high would you want the hedges to go? Would you prefer to have different tree species and vary their height or a simple, uniform live fence will work for you? How many people would you want your garden room to hold? These are critical issues that you must address to define your garden room spaces accurately.

Picking appropriate furnishings

It is a garden room. So, your furnishings here are the different flowers and plants that you will have in your garden room. It is best if they are of varying colors and textures to enhance the beauty of your garden room.

But still, you do not want to over-decorate. Pick flowering plants within the same color palette. You always can mix the differently textures plants. There is beauty in that.

Adding signature accessories

These could be plinths, stone urns or large vases from molded clay. You also can throw in an antique piece of furniture. You have custom boxes from metal to add that rusty feel. Traditional-style lighting fixtures. Sisal rugs and plastic mats.

An elegant art piece there, either from forged iron or a painting. You name it. Anything that will blend perfectly with other elements in your garden room will do.

Mixing evergreen with deciduous plants

Not every season will be spring to enjoy the lush greenery and colorful flower blossoms. You have a picture of how your garden room will look like if you only had deciduous plants.

Add evergreen trees to your garden room design so that you will always have some foliage to brighten those dull, cold or sweltering days. Research to find which mix of plants will complete your garden room.

Creating walkways

garden walkwayIt is good that you have designed your garden room into sections. But, how will you move between these sections? What separates them? Pathways are an excellent option to consider here. You could use natural stone or brick works for that.

What is essential here is to ensure that the paths create a seamless boundary into which the different sections blend. You can paint the walkways, or sprinkle moss on them for them to “disappear” from the standard view.

There is always inspiration wherever you go that you can use when planning for your garden room. Visiting other garden rooms can also help to learn how every design element is in harmony with the others.

You can even ask for help from your family and closest friends that know your design tastes and preferences. Your garden room contractor can help, too. So, do not restrict yourself to a single design.

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