Ways the Internet is Helping You Eat Like a Local

Nowadays, travelling is more convenient thanks to technology. Finding your way around a new city is not a problem because of navigation apps. Taking the cheaper alternative to get to your destination using the local transport system is no longer a difficult task. Booking a hotel and learning about its amenities can be done even if you’re a continent away. Staying with a local household has become a possibility for the more adventurous backpackers who want to totally immerse in the local community. All these opportunities prove how the internet totally changed the way people travel. Not only are they taking the less expensive and more convenient ways to get around, but they are also actually taking in the hue that is true to the country’s local colour.

As a melting pot of various Asian cultures, you can expect diverse culinary and visual experiences in Singapore. True, getting your way around might be nerve-wracking at first despite the country’s size because of the question, “Where do I start?” However, food reviews in Singapore written by the local food connoisseurs can lead you in the right direction.

Considering the many choices, you have to start somewhere. Trust the locals to point you towards the premier restaurants and much-loved hole-in-the-wall eateries in the country. Here are some tips to make sure you eat where the locals eat when you travel to Singapore:

  1. Research before you get there.

With many travellers writing their own blog entries and creating vlogs when they visit a country, it’s quite difficult to choose the right person to listen to about food. As a suggestion, it’s still best to listen to a local’s review of food. This way, you can be certain that you’re following the taste palette of the person who belongs to the community you’re visiting. Foreigners, despite the openness to try the country’s local delicacies, tend to have their own take on the food, as well as preferences depending on the culture he or she has been exposed to growing up.

  1. Talk to the locals around the area where you’re at.

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Despite the numerous listicles telling you where to eat, it’s still important to remember the essence of the place: its people. Try chatting up with the locals when you arrive. Sometimes, there are new establishments, approved by the locals, that are yet to be posted online. There are also family-owned restaurants and hawker stalls with less publicity but just as good, if not better, than their popular counterparts— minus the long lines! And you will only know these when you talk to hotel staff, the cab driver, or a newfound friend as you explore the city.

  1.  Join a culinary tour hosted by a member of the local community.

Culinary tours are becoming popular. There are apps where you can find the list of hosts offering a culinary tour around Singapore. Joining one is the fastest way to get to know the gastronomical treasures of the city while taking in the vibe of the place. Try searching for independent yet well-reviewed tour headed by a member of the local community. Make sure you sign up early, so you’ll have the opportunity to go back to the eateries that left a mark on you. As there are many kinds of culinary tours available, check out the one which matches well with your interest and/or dietary needs.

Just imagine travelling to a technologically advanced country like Singapore. Getting around is easy-peasy since you’ll be taking advantage of technology in a country that supports such progress. In addition, learning about the local cultures that make up what is uniquely Singapore is a matter of a click away.

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