Trust Only the Pros: Household Items You Should Never Move On Your Own

There are many things you can simply DIY to save money, but when it comes to moving, some items are best left to the pros. If you have particularly heavy items, need extra care or just highly available, you can’t just take on the task on your own.

It’s highly recommended to hire a reliable moving company for the job. From heavy appliances to pricey musical instruments, here are some of the items you may have at home that can be extremely challenging to move without the help of professionals:


Moving a piano on your own is never going to be easy. Most pianos are not only extremely heavy, but they’re typically costly as well. As such, they’re among the most valuable household items a person can ever own.

If you accidentally drop or damage your precious item during a move, it can be incredibly heartbreaking. So, do everything you can to make sure this item is handled properly. To move a piano safely, you’ll need some special equipment as well as moving tools specifically for this task.

It’s highly recommended to hire professionals for the job. This is unless you have enough experience moving heavy, valuable items or have friends who are strong enough that can offer some assistance. When looking for the right movers, look for a Fort Lauderdale moving company with a specialty in moving upright and grand pianos.

Art and Antique Pieces

For items with high monetary value such as paintings, antique pieces, and some heirlooms, careful planning and prepping are necessary to make sure all these remain safe and secure during the move. Among all these valuables, art is considered the most prone to damage when mishandled somewhere in the moving process.

That’s why artwork should be packed with many different types of moving tools and supplies that are specifically designed to move canvas prints and framed art pieces safely. The same is true for antique pieces that are also known to cost a lot of money and even nostalgic memories, such as family heirlooms, porcelain figurines, crystal glassware, and china dinnerware.

When you hire the right packers and movers for this task, you’ll be sure that your items will reach their destination without any damage.

Large Appliances

Movers unloading moving van

Moving heavy household appliances isn’t just about making sure they’re properly packed. It also requires a lot of human resources. Think about this: an average fridge weighs around 135 kg (300 pounds), whereas an average-sized washing machine and a dishwasher weigh around 90 kg (200 pounds) and 70 kg (150 pounds) respectively.

Unless you’re willing to lift and move these items by yourself or have enough hands who can help, this is undoubtedly a task that only the pros should take care of.

It’s manageable if you only have one or two of these items that need to be moved. But if you have several large appliances, it’ll be hard and time-consuming to lift and move these items alone. In some cases, they can even offer to reinstall these appliances into your new home.

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