Top Elements of Your Ideal Meditation Space

Many people are now paying close attention to their health, thanks to the global awareness initiatives on different conditions. This has seen more people paying attention to their mental state. There are various options nowadays for boosting your mental health. Yoga meditation is among the most popular alternatives for people worldwide. This is a practice aimed to calm and control your mind and, therefore, increase your chances of living a fulfilled and happy life.

Most people assume that the meditation at a yoga retreat centre only involves sitting still and focusing on a particular object or closing your eyes to free your mind of various thoughts. However, it includes more than this. One of the major determining factors of the fruits of your meditation is your environment. After your meditation at a retreat centre, you should aim to create the best environment in your home to continue enjoying the benefits of meditation.

Here are some of the important elements to include in your meditation space:


Calming music, when played quietly in the background in a meditation room, will help in drawing out all distraction within a building. It also allows you to gain a peaceful and tranquil state when meditating, much like a water fountain. The ideal meditative music is the type without lyrics. This does not necessarily mean classical music. Any music with a soothing sound and lasts either throughout your meditation period or one that can be continually repeated will suffice.


Meditation should also appeal to your sense of smell for it to be effective; hence, the need for aromatherapy in your space. You can use essential oils from plants such as peppermint, lavender, and chamomile to create an atmosphere that soothes your body, mind, and soul. These can be in the form of incense, heating oils, or burning scented candles. Other than helping you relax, aromatherapy has been proven to stimulate brain function, relieve muscular pain, eliminate stress, and boost the immune system.

Fresh Air

Woman meditating outdoorsThere are many benefits of fresh air to your mind and body. It leaves you refreshed, boosts your brainpower, and improves your overall health. Those who choose to have an outdoor meditation space are guaranteed fresh air. If your area is indoors, ensure that your space is well-ventilated. You can also use fans as air purifiers. You should ensure that the technology you use for air purification is ‘’quiet’’ and will not disturb the serene atmosphere you are aiming for.

A Serene Colour Palette

Other than the sensory and physical elements in your space, the colour of your room is also essential. You should paint your room to achieve the mood you are aiming for in your meditation; therefore, this is a personal choice. Some people think that dark colours will envelop them in a relaxed atmosphere while others assume that light ones are more relaxing and soothing.

Meditation need not end after your yoga retreat. It should form a part of your lifestyle to guarantee that the common elements these days do not disturb your emotional well-being. Even with the above elements, you still need to invest in a yoga meditation retreat frequently to reap the optimal benefits of this practice and learn new techniques.

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