Things You Need to Know Before Buying an Old House

For some reason, staring at an old house brings provides a feeling of nostalgia. Once you step inside the property, it is as if you are traveling back in time. You can just imagine what life was during the time that house was built and what life was like for its original owners. If you check out Wichita's home listings, you would most likely find at least one old house listed for sale.

In the US, there are a lot of old houses listed for sale. According to one research, almost 40 percent of all existing homes in the US were built before 1970 while some may be far older than that. On the other hand, a lesser percentage of US homes were built around the 2000s and beyond.

How to know if it is an “old house”

Antique house facade

Technically, a house is considered “antique” or “old” if it was built before the 1920s. However, it may not always depend on how old the house is. Rather, the “age” of the house may also depend on several factors, such as:

  • The number of renovations done. There are some houses that have been renovated over the years, although the original structure has been done several decades before that
  • Climate and geology in the area. Weather elements can also affect the structure’s integrity and can even accelerate its aging.
  • Style of structure. Houses back then have sturdier and more durable materials; hence, most of these structures last for many years. Common house styles back then include Craftsman, Colonials, and Tudors.

Meanwhile, a house may also be considered historic — not just old — if its original tenant was an important part of history. Likewise, it can also be determined to be a historic structure if it has been designed by a historically famous architect or builder. For more details, interested buyers can do their own research through the National Register of Historic Places or NRHP.

What to consider before buying an old house

While other homebuyers prefer a brand-new or a modern-looking house to buy, others are drawn to historic homes. For one thing, it may not be easy to resist the old-world charm of such historic homes. It is as if you are also part of the structure’s history — imagine you are also walking the same halls its original owners have walked on several decades ago.

It can also make you feel proud to own a piece of history. Plus, the local or state government may grant you tax incentives for owning a historic house. You can also choose whether to have some renovations and live in it or convert it as an events area or a tourist attraction.

Antique house design

On the downside, it will require additional expense on your part for all the repairs needed in the structure. You would also have to comply with the rules and regulations when it comes to owning a historical property in your area. And did we mention how expensive it can be to maintain an old house?

These are only some of the things you need to consider if you want to purchase an old house. It has this certain charm, to say the least, but make sure that you are willing to commit to long-term maintenance and care for this kind of structure.

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