The Importance of Jawbone Density for Dental Implants

Dental implants are quite a buzzword in dentistry at the moment, and a lot of people are visiting their dentists wanting to find out if they can get them. The truth is though, not everyone is suitable for dental implants in Melbourne, at least not without some additional treatments.

For some people, it is very straight forward, especially if they have only recently lost the tooth or teeth. But anyone who has been wearing dentures for several years may have problems with bone density in their jaw. This doesn’t mean they can’t still have dental implants though. The best thing to do for anyone considering dental implants in Melbourne, is to visit a practice such as High Dental Implants Melbourne for a consultation.

Why jawbone density matters

When being tested for dental implants in Melbourne, the dentist will need to assess the density of the jawbone. The jaw has to support the implant, which means there needs to be enough bone surrounding it to ensure it is well-supported. Some parts of the jaw are more likely to have sufficient density than others.

How jawbone density is assessed

Anyone attending a consultation with a view to being fitted with dental implants in Melbourne, will have their mouth and jaw x-rayed and photographed, and the dentist may require a scan. These things, along with a detailed examination, will allow the implant dentist to determine if there is sufficient density.

Options if there is not enough density

There are a few options available if the jawbone doesn’t have the required density. Bone grafts, a sinus lift, and zygomatic implants are all options that the implant dentist will discuss with the patient.

All-on-4 reduces need for bone grafts

There is a system of dental implants in Melbourne called All-on-4, where a full arch of teeth is fixed with just 4 implants. Because of the way the implants are placed, and the fact that only 4 are required, there is more chance of finding enough jawbone density to support the implants. All-on-4 are ideal for patients who have been struggling with dentures and require a full set of implants.

Anyone looking to get tooth implants should take the first step and book a consultation.

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