Six Habits That Are Bad for the Skin

Naturally, your lifestyle and diet can affect the health and condition of your skin. As the skin usually represents the status of one’s health, it is not surprising that unhealthy lifestyle choices, as well as a poorly balanced diet, pave the way for various skin problems.

Some leading brands in the beauty industry, including Kedma, shed light on some habits that can potentially damage the skin.

Drinking too much coffee

Although coffee is known to be a good source of antioxidants, the reality is that consumption of too much caffeinated drinks can deplete the skin’s collagen and cause dehydration. Inevitably, this will lead to the skin losing its elastic properties, making it look, saggy, wrinkled and dull.

Overeating dairy

Dairy products are known to be one of the food types that trigger and encourage cystic acne breakout. Since dairy is relatively hard to digest, the body responds by eliminating it in a different way, leading to the aggravation of skin breakouts. In addition to this, it has pro-inflammatory properties that worsen existing skin problems such as acne, rashes and eczema.

Smoking and drinking alcohol

Smoking and drinking alcohol have adverse effects on the body, and these will ultimately manifest on your skin. Not only will it result in the deterioration of various body systems, but it will also serve as a gateway to several skin issues aggravated by underlying medical conditions.

Neglecting to use sunscreen

Sometimes, it feels good to feel the sunlight on your skin. However, the reality is that sunlight can potentially damage the skin in many ways. This is because the sun emits UV rays that are harmful to the skin.

With threatening effects such as skin premature aging and dehydration, it can trigger a long list of skin issues and medical conditions. Hence, it is important to protect your skin from UV rays by using sunscreens with SPF 30 and higher even during the winter season.

Going to bed with makeup on

There is a reason washing and cleansing your face before going to bed is a golden rule in skincare. Since grime, debris, makeup and sebum can accumulate throughout the day, it is a must that you remove these contaminants from your face before a deep slumber.

When neglected, these accumulated contaminants can suffocate your skin and trigger clogged pores. While being guilty of these one or two times is fine, habitually doing it can cause severe acne breakouts.

Depriving yourself of enough sleep

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Sleep deprivation will not only make you lose focus at work but also negatively affect your skin. When you sleep, that is the time your body recovers and repairs itself. So when you do not get enough sleep, you interrupt this process, which, in turn, results in dull and unhealthy skin.

Ultimately, our body suffers from the consequences of unhealthy lifestyle choices. It is important to reconsider your habits, especially if they harm you and your body. While we do not mean to take away all the fun from your life, some things are better done in moderation. After all, it will surely be rewarding in the end.

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