Protecting your Home’s Flooring: Practical Ways to do so

Your home’s flooring serves more than just a place for you to walk from one point to another. It also adds an aesthetic touch to every home and plays a huge role in determining your home’s overall resale value. This is one of the reasons why a lot of homeowners choose to have hardwood floorings installed in their homes.

Not only is it a classic and can last almost a lifetime with proper care and maintenance, but it is also durable. Of course, like other things in life, the secret to a long-lasting hardwood flooring is investing in quality ones and keeping it well-maintained. Below are some of the common ways to do so.

Regular maintenance and protection

Raw hardwood floors are durable, but it is vulnerable to scratches and damages. To prevent this from continuously happening, adding polyurethane or urethane coatings can add a layer of protection to your floors, making them last longer than when using it bare.

Because foot traffic and use also wear down such coating, it is important to follow a strict maintenance schedule. Sometimes, the simple act of putting on a clean fresh coat is the key to never having to change your floorings.

Keep moisture away

Moisture ruins things. It is one of the reasons why your basement has mold and mildews. The reason why pests like white ants and termites are able to penetrate your space. It is also the reason why your hardwood flooring will wear down and tear down in no time.

Keeping moisture away from your hardwood flooring is one of the easiest ways to keep it in its top shape. Aside from making sure that your room temperature is well regulated and that there is ample air flowing inside your space, immediately cleaning up spills

Use rugs wisely

It is durable, but hardwood flooring is not invincible to damages. Using rugs wisely in places where there is a chance that it will be exposed to moisture and extreme activities or foot traffic is one way to protect the surface.

Be careful in moving objects

Heavy furniture and appliances can cause significant scratch and damages to your flooring. Prevent this from happening by avoiding to slide heavy objects or putting a protective layer (i.e. cloth, rug, etc.) when making heavy and major movements.

Lifting, or using wheels and rollers, can help protect your floor and keep it in good shape.

Keep pet claws well-trimmed

trimming your pets claw

Your furry babies might look cute and cuddly, but their sharp claws are not something that is appreciated by your floorings. They might be small, but the damage that they can do to your floor can be enormous. Prevent this from happening by making sure that their claws are well-trimmed.

Or you can also provide them with a space in your home where the flooring is different or is more protected than others.

Having hardwood floorings is an investment and is something that you can enjoy for a fairly long time when regularly and adequately cared for.

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