How Renovation Projects Can Negatively Affect The Value Of Your Property

Most people often assume that renovations and upgrades would automatically boost up a property’s value. But several home improvements aren’t helping at all when it comes to increasing a property’s value. Even worse, it also acts as a detriment if ever you want to put the property on the market.

Many homeowners can sometimes go overboard when it comes to designing their living space. It can cause a problem, especially when they decide to sell their house. But what are the renovation projects that won’t add resale value to a property?

Too much landscaping

Having a beautiful yard is an excellent addition to any property. But having too much of it can make your house appear like a sore thumb. So, try to keep it as cohesive as possible so you won’t overdo them. Also, ensure all design aesthetics complement one another so that everything will blend well.

Removing the bathtub

It’s always nice to do some luxury bathroom renovations in your house. But getting rid of all the baths in your home can deter any potential buyer. So, instead of renovating all your bathrooms, Forbes suggests at least keeping one tub unchanged. Doing so will at least give the potential buyers a chance to do changes.

Creating hobby rooms

Being utterly passionate about a specific hobby can help you with managing stress and even enrich your life. But creating a room for it comes with a price. Remember that not everyone shares what you like. So, creating a place for it may affect the decisions of potential buyers.

Swimming pool

Purple orchid and Frangipani flowers with Rattan chair side swimming pool

It’s great to have a swimming pool on your property. But The Balance says that the cost of maintaining amenities like this can be expensive. That’s why people often choose not to buy properties with a pool because they don’t want to spend for its upkeep. There are even a few people who’d insist that you remove the pool or the whirlpool before they buy the house.

Expensive renovations

Doing a luxe renovation can make it seem like you’re improving its value. But the truth is that only a few can recognize these changes without anyone telling them about it. So, choosing the most expensive internal light fixture or door hardware doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll get your money back. Instead, select a project that can set an overall effect in the entire room. You can always opt for hardwood flooring from Santa Ana to give your room a different look.

Extensive customization

Experts say that you should avoid doing custom renovations such as wallpapers or fittings made from expensive materials. That’s because these customizations often tend to look very personal to the homeowner who owns the property. This type of renovation limits the buyer to visualize what the property looks like once they bought it.

These are only a few of the renovation projects that might cost you a lot in the long run. So, the next time that you plan your project, you need to ensure that you think about it thoroughly before hiring contractors. Doing so will save you from a whole lot of problem in the long run.

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