Keep Those Floors Clean: How to Protect Them During Renovations and Construction

Renovation and construction work will happen inside your home multiple times. Whether it is some remodeling or just some painting, you will need to protect your floors. Leaving them alone will mean the need for future repairs. Here are some of the things that you can do so that you won’t end up needing to fix your floors.

Get Some Protection

The most basic thing you need to do is to lay down some protective covering. It does depend on what you will be doing, though. If you just plan to do some painting, then a heavy layer of newspapers can be enough to ensure that the paint won’t spatter and ruin your flooring. Maybe an additional layer of plastic just to be sure. But if you plan to do some heavy construction work, you may need something like a Skudo protection board. These boards cover every inch of your floor and protect from impacts, scratches, and more. Depending on your needs, consult with your material provider on what sort of board would be best for your type of flooring.

Note that the material that you will protect can influence your protective choices. If you have heavy carpeting, then carpet covers would be a good choice. For hardwood flooring, you may need multiple layers to further protect it.

Clean Things Up

One of the biggest causes of floor damage is the clutter and debris scratching up your floor. Even with the covers, you still want to be sure about it so you will want to clean as you go. With a cleaner work area, there is a lower chance of accidents. Work with your contractors so that they clean up after themselves.

Specify a Demolition Path

When you are remodeling, you might be doing some demolition of walls, ceilings, and the like. To ensure that your floor does not get damaged, lay down a path that people should use. This concentrates the dirt and debris to specific areas. This makes it easier to clean them. Additionally, you will want to have a bin nearby to collect all the debris promptly. This way, they won’t just lay around, causing problems in the long run.

Enable Proper Ventilation

This can be a surprise, but you will need good ventilation in your work site. This is because of several substances that turn into a fine dust when they settle down. Despite good floor coverings, the dust can then move around freely. If you do not want to end up with a small mound of dust in your work areas, then have a fan blowing out the air in the window. This removes the contaminants and prevents any dirt from entering the worksite.

Lay Down Absorbent Material

hall with marble flooring

Despite the protection places on your flooring, there is still a chance that something gets spilled. There are several chemical substances that are part of the renovation. Avoid any problem with them by placing a layer of absorbent material along with your usual protection.

Many things can happen while you are doing renovation and construction in your home. But with the advice above, you should have no worries about how your floor will come out. They will look great when everything is done with proper protection.

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