Does Fat Burning Food Really Exist?

When it comes to weight loss, there are a hundred and one opinions and theories on how to lose weight fast. Fad diets and odd ingredients have not been proven to work all the time, but there are natural ingredients that do help burn calories, melt stubborn fat, and help shed pounds.

These are what the industry calls “fat burners,” and they have been widely used all over the world for hundreds of years. In Orem, Utah, weight loss clinics still encourage the traditional route of proper nutrition and regular exercise to lose weight.

However, these ingredients can offer the much-needed boost or push that an individual needs to jump start his weight loss journey. Fat burners help stoke an individual’s metabolism, minimize fat reabsorption, and give you more energy for a more intense workout.

Here are some food considered helpful in burning fat.


Caffeine is a natural fat burner that most people don’t know about. It is found in coffee, tea, and cocoa. Caffeine has been proven to boost the body’s metabolism and help the body burn more fat. According to studies, caffeine can stoke the body’s metabolism by as much as 16% over 1 to 2 hours.

Your favorite morning drink also has the ability to convert fat into fuel. This is why you don’t need to take additional caffeine supplements. You just need to drink several cups of strong coffee a day and enjoy both the beverage and its fast-boosting benefits.

Green Tea

The extract from green tea leaves is known to be rich in caffeine and a type of polyphenol called epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG. It is a compound that has been proven to help people burn fat.

The combination of EGCG and caffeine is said to help burn fat through thermogenesis, which simply means that the body naturally burns fat to create heat.

To enjoy the benefits of green tea extract, you must take about 250–500 mg a day if you’re taking it in capsule form. If you’d rather drink your tea, you’ll need about 3–5 cups of good quality green tea every day.

Protein Powders

close up of man with jar and bottle preparing protein shake

You’ve probably seen a lot of people taking protein shakes. These are mostly used by gym regulars who want to build mass or bulk up their muscles. These are also great food supplements for those who want to engage in weight loss diets or exercise routines.

Protein shakes and powders contain a large amount of protein. Mixing these powders with a liquid drink, such as milk, chocolate, shakes or with water is a quick and easy way to ingest protein. These are water-soluble proteins formulated for special diets.

Sometimes these are also the same ingredients in medically formulated drinks for recuperating patients. These are not only healthy, but they are also versatile powders which can be used in various other ways.

Losing weight is not an easy task. Those who engage in crash diets or special diets without medical supervision put their lives in danger.

Weight loss requires supervision to ensure that the dieter does not become malnourished. An imbalanced diet is not the right way for a diet. The simplest way is still the best: balanced diet, exercise, and lower calories.

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