3 Biggest Van Conversion Mistakes You Must Never Commit

Van conversion is an exciting project which allows you to build something out of your own vision. It’s fun and challenging at the same time as there are a lot of things you have to consider. From the design down to its features, you must ensure you cover all these things.

The conversion process itself is not an easy feat as you may likely commit mistakes along the way. One wrong move and you may end up redoing everything. To save you from the pitfalls of taking on this project, here are some things you must never do.

Forget to Take Note of Curved Edges

As you get too excited to start this project, you may forget that vans tend to be curvier. You can’t simply install whatever you want. Consider the curved edges of the vehicle. Unlike with a normal house, you can’t fit right everything through in your van.

You have to remember that you’re working in a different area. Thus, you also need to make adjustments on certain features or furniture you’re going to use in it. For this, it’s important that you think about the structure of your van.

Not Having a Layout Prior to Conversion

Even before you purchase a Mercedes Sprinter for sale in Idaho, you need to come up with a clear building plan for the conversion. This is one of the most crucial steps that many people skip. Most of them assume that they could wing it. The truth is, van conversion is relatively similar when you’re constructing a home. You need to plan out the function of each area. Will you have a mini kitchen? Will you keep the seats? This makes your building decision more flawless and organized.

Stripping Off Everything in the Van

empty van

As far as van conversion goes, many people assume that removing everything off their van is the smartest way to start the project. This is not always the case. Again, you need to refer to your building plan to find out which parts should go. Once you strip off everything, it’ll be hard to put things back together again. You need to draw out a blueprint to figure out which things to remove and keep. This can save you time and effort as you work on this project.

Once you take on the challenge of van conversion, you must be aware of what things it entails. Don’t take it too lightly. This project needs the same amount of consideration as when you’re building a home. From the floor plan, features, and design, you have to be careful about your decisions. Take note of these common van conversion mistakes and be sure to stay away from them. This is to ensure the success of your project.

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