What To Do About Bad Breath – Some Useful Information

Bad breath, technically known as halitosis, is a condition that affects most people at some point during their lifetime. The most obvious cause of halitosis is bad oral hygiene, since the bacteria that tend to gather on the tongue, between the teeth and below the gum line start breaking down, accompanied by a foul smell. However, bad breath can be caused by other factors as well, some of which may be indicative of more serious problems.

Halitosis can be easily prevented and the best way to do is practising diligent oral care. Patients with long-term bad breath, however, can visit a dentist in Mackay, such as Northern Beaches Dental, in order to get professional help.

What causes bad breath?

Apart from food remains left in the mouth, bad breath can also be caused by:

  • gum disease
  • certain medications
  • dry mouth
  • smoking and tobacco products
  • abscesses and lesions in the mouth
  • gastrointestinal disease and kidney or liver disease.

A dentist in Mackay will examine the patient’s mouth carefully and determine the leading cause of bad breath. Sometimes more than one factor may contribute to halitosis and a person may not be aware of their own bad breath.

Treatments and remedies

Bad breath caused by food can be prevented by brushing and flossing the teeth thoroughly on a daily basis. Avoiding certain foods with strong odour or taste can also help. If bad breath occurs with other symptoms, including sore, painful and bleeding gum it is necessary to see a dentist in Mackay as this can be caused by gum disease. Patients with diabetes or patients suffering from kidney and liver disease should monitor bad breath as it can be a sign of a medical complication.

Persistent halitosis can be treated and prevented by a special toothpaste and mouth rinse, which are designed to kill the bacteria in the mouth. In some cases, a dentist in Mackay may also prescribe antibiotics. If gum disease is the leading cause of halitosis, the dentist will create a personalised treatment plan.

More importantly, the best way for a patient to keep bad breath at bay is to keep visiting the dentist in Mackay for dental check-ups and cleanings.

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