What Makes a Good Neighborhood

House hunting is not the only obstacle you need to tackle to find the perfect home. Finding a good neighborhood is also an essential part of that. So, what makes a community ‘good’ for you and your family? Read on to find out.

Survey the neighborhood

If a house listing catches your eye, take a look around the neighborhood first. House and land for sale around Geelong and other nearby cities are not hard to come by, so you shouldn’t have any problem finding a suitable listing. Still, surveying the neighborhood is a must.

Taking a look around the area can give you a feel of what it’s going to be like living there and will allow you to detect some indications of a ‘bad’ neighborhood, such as metal bars on windows, graffiti, and high fences. Surveying the neighborhood can also let you see what type of neighbors you’re going to have. Chances are, their demeanor can indicate if the neighborhood is a safe and friendly community. If there’s a lot of happy families in the area (with kids playing outside), that’s a good sign.

Find out your commute route

Aside from the commute route, find out how long it will take you to get to work. You can try testing it out by driving from the potential house to your workplace. Take note of the flow of traffic, the ease of the route, and the total time it took you to get there. Alternatively, check out the availability of public transportation around the area.

Research about the area

To get more details about the area that your real estate agent probably missed or didn’t tell you, do your own research. Look at the crime rates online, the key developments, school information, and more background information that you need.

Estimate property taxes

Ask your real estate agent or the city council about property taxes. Learn about the increase in tax rates in the past few years and when is the next expected increase. Think about the local sales tax, income tax, and tax credits and exemptions. Consider these possible changes in your budget.

Choose an area with a good education system

If you have kids or plan to have some in the future, a good education system should be one of your top priorities when choosing a place to move to. Find a city or town with a reputable education system, both public and private. As much as possible, find out how much the schools cost for better budget planning.

Consider the amenities in the neighborhood

Residential neighborhood from bird's eye view

Is the potential house close to the park and the grocery store or the gas station? Consider the proximity of these basic amenities when shopping around for a house. If you prefer having them at a walking distance, expect a lot of traffic going through your area and a higher property price as well. But if you want a quieter neighborhood, choose a house a bit far but still at an acceptable distance from the basic amenities.

Choosing where to live is a tedious process that takes a lot of factors into account. Apart from the house itself, the neighborhood and the surrounding area are crucial aspects when selecting an ideal place to live. Despite the time and effort that you need to put during your search, your future home will surely be worth it.

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