Train Kids to Brush Teeth Regularly for Optimum Health

Most people focus on a beautiful smile, fresh breath, and cavity-free teeth as the goals for brushing. But the positive effects of brushing teeth is bigger than these reasons. Dental health and general health are inseparable. Brushing teeth regularly goes a long way in supporting overall health.

Thus, the habit should begin in childhood. More and more kids are developing cavities, and that is a worrisome situation because of the health risks posed. Kids dentists in Utah County advise parents to impart a tooth brushing routine in their kids, alongside other life skills.  Check out some simple guidelines for encouraging brushing and why your kids need to know them.

It is All about Infections

An alarming fact: the human mouth harbors hundreds of bacteria strains. Since most of these strains are harmless, you will never notice their presence. However, some can be harmful to the teeth and gums.

The two most harmful ones are the porphyromonas gingivalis and Streptococcus mutans. Streptococcus mutans is notorious for eating sugars to produce acids that erode the tooth enamel. It also promotes tooth decay.

Although the second bacterium is less prevalent, it is linked with a gum disease called periodontitis.  If you are wondering why brushing is such an essential affair, you want to know that not brushing can bring gum disease, which doubles the risk of coronary heart disease.

Dentists say that bacteria in the mouth can find their way into the bloodstream. Poor dental health is a source of inflammation, which can be a perfect ground for diabetes and insulin resistance.

Surprisingly, there is also a connection between dementia and poor dental health. Bacteria may enter the bloodstream from the jaw through the cranial nerve. This is why you want to take perfect care of your children’s mouth before it is too late. If you apply the following guidelines for brushing teeth, you lessen the health risks in your kid.

kids brushing their teeth

Stick to a Routine

After a long day of traveling or vacationing with your family, you may be tempted to let your child sleep without brushing. However, you want to keep at it despite the disruptions. Let brushing become second nature so that it can be easier for your children to do no matter how busy they are. For this strategy to work, you need to start it early, that is, as soon as the teeth sprout. When the teeth are still new, use a soft washcloth. Consult your dentist when to switch to a toothbrush.

Make It Fun

Making tooth brushing appear fun will go a long way in entrenching the activity in the kid’s mind for a long time. Some excellent ideas to try are:
•    Allow the child to brush your teeth sometimes
•    Offer rewards for successful brushing
•    Attach a game to the activity
•    Play music and dance when brushing
•    Use fun flavored toothpaste and note the kid’s preference

As the children advance in age, make sure they get dental checkups at least once per year. Minimizing intake of sugary foods and regular brushing will also enhance dental health.

If you want to lessen the health risks of your children, start with their oral health. Start them on a routine that includes oral health care habits and they will acquire the lifestyle as they grow older.

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