Townsville is Good for Your Mental Health

Living in a tropical place with a coastal vibe is a dream come true for many. What’s not to like about being lulled to sleep by the sound of the waves and being woken up by the sunlight gently kissing your face? Of course, the dream will cost a lot from your pocket. However, the serene vibe of the beach will be good for your overall wellness, making it a priceless decision.

If constructing your dream home in your dream location is not enough to motivate you, sprinkle it with the promise of perfect weather throughout the year, then you’ll have no other reason but to say yes to it. You can consider the home builders in Townsville as dream builders, too. They are the muscled version of fairies who can make anything possible. With their help, the life you’ve worked hard to achieve will come to fruition. In a matter of minutes, you can rest your toes in the sand and call the place your new home.

Some might say that beach living is overrated. However, epidemiologist Lora Fleming of the University of Exeter said that the ocean has positive effects on the physical and mental health of individuals. The beach life is not a matter of trend that will look good on Instagram, it is a real-life decision in which one’s future is on the line—pretty similar to relocating to a new city or country.

Here are three explanations as to why the beach life is right for your mental health:

  1. Anybody of water has a calming effect on people.

The sea is often associated with vacation which, in turn, is associated with stress-free days. The view of the beach alone provides a relaxing effect on people. Although green spaces are considered to be the place where people can have a breather, the ocean is proven to have a more calming effect.

At the same time, people living in coastal towns are reported to have better health. Historically, doctors from the 18th century prescribed trips to shore or bathing hospitals seawater treatments.

  1. The sea breeze can help people sleep better.

Tropical city bird view

It is a fact known to many that proper sleep is crucial in maintaining one’s mental wellness, especially those who are suffering from any mental illness. According to Dr Natasha Bijlani of The Priory Hospital in London, sea air is cleaner and fresher with higher levels of oxygen which makes it an effective element in improving sleep. In addition to that, the sound of the waves can soothe one’s brain. This is why ambient sound usually utilises the sound of nature as an aid in clearing one’s mind.

  1. The beach paves the way to physical activities.

Another important facet of maintaining one’s mental health is exercise. It is not the sole solution, but it surely helps a lot. Being close to the beach gives you the option to swim, surf, or jog. The activities will not feel as taxing as going to the gym because of the incredible view and chill vibe. Other than the benefits to your mental health, physical activities can also help in managing weight, reducing the risk of heart disease, and lowering blood pressure.

Mental health is just as important as physical health. Make sure that your decisions in life will take your overall health into consideration because you matter.

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