Timber Framing: Why House Built This Way Are Popular

Timber-framed houses evoke a sense of class and hominess. You would find that many of them are located where nature is at its best. Some people would even want to build their houses from the ground up on their own. If that sounds appealing to you, the first thing you should do is to take traditional framing classes. There, you’ll learn some neat tricks and build the home of your dreams. Here’s why timber-framed houses are popular:

The Composition

A house made of timber is strong and durable. Moreover, this natural material is non-toxic, which means you’re rest assured that there won’t be a chemical leak in your house any time in the future. Generally, it’s safe to be in any property with timber as its main material.

Timber is a sustainable and renewable material, which means you can use it over again and for a long time. Aside from that, the tree from which it comes from grows quickly. Many timber-supplying countries are environment conscious enough to re-grow more than what they use. It is locally-grown, meaning the local economy survives through its trade. There’s also less energy waste since it isn’t transported to a long distance.

Speaking of energy, less of it is used to convert wood into timber. Thanks to that, timber is one of the lowest in terms of energy production. To add, the carbon found in the atmosphere is stored in timber. As long as it’s being used, you can be sure that the carbon inside it is harming no one.

The Benefits

Wood framing for a homeAside from what was mentioned above, timber is considered a “natural insulator.” This means that less energy is needed inside the house, especially when used as doors, windows, and floors. A timber frame provides better insulation compared to brick. This is because of the natural thermal insulating properties of wood. Having natural insulation results in less energy used to cool or heat the indoors.

More than its environmental advantages, timber is easy to use. A lot of people will like it for its versatility. It’s lightweight so it’s easy to put up and you only need simple equipment to work on it.

Aesthetically speaking, timber comes from different species of tree. With that, you can choose from different textures, colors, and qualities. The physical and technical properties of this material also allow the builder a variety of designs.

Final Considerations

As said, using timber is easy. Once you’ve taken traditional framing classes, you’ll find that you can build a timber house in no time. You save time and you also build faster than stone or brick houses. Whether you’re building a house or a commercial structure, it’s one of the most sensible choices.

Lastly, timber is easy to maintain. When built right, structures made of this material can withstand the test of time. The maintenance costs are cheap as long as you’re okay that it changes color as time passes.

Timber-framed houses are things of beauty. More than that, when building one, you can be sure that it will last a long time. Learn the art of building timber houses now so you can start on your dream project.

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