The Worst Eyelash Habits to Quit Right Now

Everybody wants thicker and longer lashes. Sometimes, however, in the quest to get that perfect flutter, you might not be aware that you are making things worse. From tugging on your volume eyelash extensions in Las Vegas to applying your falsies the wrong way, below are things that you might be guilty of and are ruining your lashes.

Using Your Mascara Forever

While most mascara have an expiration date of two to three years tops, you are not really supposed to use yours for years on end. Experts recommend that you replace your tube every three months (some say six months, max) because every time you pump the wand in and out the tube, you risk bacteria accumulating inside the tube and in turn, to your eyelashes falling out and getting an eye infection.

Not Curling Your Eyelashes Before Applying Mascara

You should always curl your lashes first before you apply mascara. Otherwise, your lashes will look unnatural and extra clumpy, regardless of how great or expensive your mascara is. You also risk getting your lashes, even your eyelid, stuck on the lash curler, ouch!

Tugging on Your Lash Extensions

Lash extensions are joined with your real eyelashes so by pulling on them, you are also pulling on your natural ones and reducing your overall lash volume. This could likewise impede future growth. So if you are new to lash extensions, consider starting with thinner and shorter extensions and then make your way up to a full set. And please do not use mascara on your extensions. That is why you have them in the first place — so you will not have to wear mascara!

Applying Waterproof Mascara Daily

If you are not going to the beach, pool, or shooting a crying scene for a telenovela, stick with regular mascara. Waterproof formulations are extremely tough to remove even with the right removers. That being said, use waterproof mascara only when you need to. If you use regular mascara, remember to take it off using micellar water or oil, be careful not to tug at your lashes. Additionally, when applying mascara and you find unsightly clumps, remove it using a clean mascara spoolie or cleansing wipe.

Not Applying and Removing Your Falsies Properly

Woman getting an eyelash extensionIf you are a lover of falsies, keep in mind that you need a gentle hand when applying and removing them. Use as little adhesive as possible (who wants a clumpy lash line, right?) and always use oil for removing them instead of ripping them off.

Constantly Touching and Rubbing Your Eyes

Just. Don’t. Rub. Your. Eyes. Period. Aside from the risk of bacteria clogging your follicles, you also risk plucking out your lashes. Keep in mind that lashes are more delicate and softer than any hair on your body, so always be gentle with them.

So if you are guilty of the bad lash habits mentioned above, just stop. Make it a habit of giving your lashes proper TLC instead and you will be on your way to fuller and stronger lashes in no time.

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