The Return of the Anklet: Why History’s Most Controversial Jewelry is Now Popular

An anklet is a piece of jewelry worn around the ankle. People also call it an ankle chain, ankle bracelet, or leg chain. Ornamental anklets date back to the 7th Century in Persia, mostly using materials like horn, wood and stone.

Ankle chains come in various forms and have different meanings in different cultures. In Ancient Egypt, anklets denoted a woman’s social status and fortune. Golden and silver chains were worn by women who were married to wealthy men. But leather and metallic anklets were for slaves.

Anklets spread widely in India, more than any other continent or country. They usually symbolize marital status or worn as a simple ornament. The paayal, featuring dangling bells, is a good example that is mostly used by dancers.

In some African countries, there’s a huge misconception that anklets symbolize promiscuity. That’s a myth that many women today believe but should disregard.

What are the Best Anklet Types Today?

Since anklets have become the trendiest pieces of jewelry, many people find them in jewelry stores and boutiques. These modern anklets use different materials and styles and combine traditional design with modern sensibilities. Their prices differ as well. Choose one that suits your style, the event where you intend to wear them, and even the kind of material used for this piece of jewelry.

Gold anklets

These golden anklets are mainly for women. These are often decorated with precious stones. They come as double or single-layered chains. They are more suitable for attending special occasions rather than casual walks.

Silver anklets

These are probably the most casual designs with a bohemian touch. They are the ideal choice for active young women. They can wear it on the beach or when travelling around the city, as they make the perfect accessories for casual get-togethers and evening parties.

Rhinestone anklets

These eye-catching rhinestone anklets are now the biggest trend in fashion. These use sparkling crystals and rhinestones that are a big fashion statement when attending cocktails and night outs.

Beaded anklets

Many women love beaded ankle bracelets. They use traditional styles and materials that are best-matched with sandals. Some chain anklets use pendants that are just right for festive occasions.

Barefoot anklets

barefoot anklet

These are bracelets that are fastened on the ankle to stretch from the footbridge to the toe. They look like sandals without soles featuring decorative rings at the toes. If you love exploring the beach barefoot, then these are your ideal option.

You can wear anklets anytime and anywhere. Make sure you have picked a design that matches your outfit and occasion. For festivities, choose a style with some sparkle. But remember that you can wear leg chains only on bare ankles and never over tights or socks. It doesn’t matter which leg you choose; you can have it on either side.

If you think that your gold anklet is looking a bit worse for wear, consider taking it to a professional to make it look like new. Consult a jeweler to have it cleaned and polished today.

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