Seven Great Ideas for a Reading Nook at Home

Want to read a book in a quiet corner of your home but can’t seem to find the perfect area for it? Is the coffee shop too uncomfortable to do your reading in? A reading nook is a nice solution to your predicament. This small corner of your home can also be a sleeping nook or just a space where you can have alone time. Don’t we all need that?

The best thing about a reading nook is that it doesn’t have to take so much space. If you can have alcove cabinets built in London or any city, this place in your home could be a nice fit for a reading nook. Here are other great ideas on how to design and incorporate a reading nook in your home:

Use Soft Materials

The reading nook needs to be cosy, and that can only be achieved by using the right materials and furniture. Go for faux-fur pillows, soft sofa, and cloud-like comforter. These will make you feel like you’re in a cocoon. It’s safe to say that this could be a nice sleeping nook, too.

Create a Nook for Two

Do you like reading while curled up beside your dog or cat? Or maybe even beside your partner? Don’t be selfish with your reading nook. Create a nook that can accommodate two people so that if your partner wants to stay and read, they can do so beside you.

Build the Nook Beside a Window

The best reading nooks are those incorporated beside a window. With the natural light streaming in, you’ll have the perfect space to get lost in a literary world. If the sun gets too high, you can put up light curtains to block away from the sun and heat.

Put up a Bookshelf

close up of books

What’s a reading nook without a bookshelf? Place the nook beside where you put your books. This is a good way to see all those titles you haven’t read yet and are waiting for you. Also, it’s nice to be surrounded by the books you love. There’s a comforting feeling to being with the authors you look up to.

Decorate the Walls

Don’t be afraid about decorating the walls. Put up frames of your favourite quotes, paintings, and photos of your family and friends. This space in the house is your sanctuary from the stress of everyday living and obligations. Decorating it with things and photos of the people you love will make you feel secure and more in tune with the world.

Surround It with Plants

It has been proven that plants can lift people’s spirits, so why not bring some plants inside the house and surround yourself with their natural beauty? You need not bring the big pots in if that’s not your thing. You can buy some succulents and place them on a table or by the windowsill. They will make the air you breathe cleaner; they are nice to look at, too.

Your reading nook doesn’t have to take too much space. You can use a recess on the wall, the corner of your bedroom, or the cupboard under the stairs as your reading area. The point is to find a quiet area of the house that’s as far away from where people usually converge such as the living room and the kitchen.

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