Putting Your Personality on a Rental Property

Everyone who enjoys interior decorating understands how extremely frustrating it can be to decorate a rental property because of all the limitations on the contract. What if you’re finally ready to buy a nice sofa online, only to realize that it won’t match your rental’s walls or flooring? It can be truly challenging to add your own personal touch on your current living arrangement. However, if you look at this limitation as a chance to be more creative, inventive, and resourceful, you’ll find joy in looking for ways to make your living space truly yours. You can do it without spending too much or making permanent changes that would put your security deposit at risk.

With that in mind, here some temporary decorating ideas to help you achieve that homey look that you can easily get rid of when your lease is finally up:

Use area rugs as design pieces

Area rugs in bold colours and textures work great in adding some interest in any living space, but they’re even more effective and can serve a dual purpose for rentals. Not only can they make certain areas in your home more visually appealing; they’re also easy to roll up, put away, and keep in those boxes as soon as you’re ready to move to your next address.

When choosing the right rug, aesthetics should be a priority. If your rental property has a basic setup, such as white walls and neutral flooring, go for rugs that would easily catch the eye. In addition, rugs come in different sizes, but when you’re unsure, bigger is better. It’s easier to hide excess rugs under some of your furniture pieces. If it’s too small, however, it will look out of place.

Spice up your lighting

Simple home with chandelierLighting is an important element of any interior design. Unfortunately, it’s often neglected in rental properties. To add that personal touch, all you need are some small yet interesting signature lamps with fun shades. Another inexpensive option is a smart overhead light for that statement piece in a room. Don’t hesitate to go bold when it comes to the scale, as this will give you the effect you need to drive the attention away from the less visually appealing areas of your room.

Look at your light bulbs, lampshades, and other lighting fixtures. If you prefer a dimmer light source, do they give the right characteristics to your room? You can go for a lower bulb wattage to get that great evening glow. You can watch YouTube tutorials on how to update old light fixtures with your own choice. Whatever items you’re replacing, be sure to pack them away carefully so it will be easier to put them back when you’re ready to move out.

Stylize all your available surfaces

Home décor pieces aren’t limited to the things you can hang on your walls to fully maximize their potential. Other pieces such as your dining tables, coffee tables, and shelves may serve as additional design elements to make your rental reflect your personal choices more, as long as they’re stylized.

This design hack is all about creating groupings of accessories. You can mix and match certain pieces with varying colours and textures. If you want to make it simpler, they don’t have to necessarily match; they can simply coordinate.

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