Making the Kitchen Area Look and Feel Bigger 

Kitchen space is usually a problem among homeowners. Before spending big bucks for major renovations like adding a few square-footage, there are several solutions you can try to make your kitchen more spacious and convenient. You just need to be creative and resourceful. Feel free to use the following guidelines below to make the kitchen area look and feel bigger:

Creating Space with Light Colors

One of the best tricks to make any room look bigger is by choosing a well-balanced color palette. Repainting jobs are the easiest way to make your property look more appealing. It’s also cost effective, especially if you’re not ready to cut back on your kitchenware or install additional lighting.

As much as possible, avoid darker color schemes as they can make the area look crowded. On the other hand, lighter hues provide an airy feel. Some of the best wall color options that create a sense of openness include antique whites, off-whites, creams, light yellow, and pale shades of grey.

Keeping the Monotone and Adding a Striking Appeal

When you decide to go for lighter colors, it is best to stick to it rather than going for a sharp visual contrast. The problem with some homeowners is they try to incorporate an accent wall with bold hued color panels. This effect only goes well with a kitchen with larger spaces. In smaller kitchen areas, a strong visual contrast often results in segmentation or restriction making it look more cramped.

You don’t have to add more wall colors if you’re looking for a more striking appeal. The better approach for monotone kitchens is to play with extras. For example, you can keep the walls light and bright, then introduce a more different color through window treatments, tea towels, and other accessories.

Making Use of Vertical Space

If you think the storage space is not enough for your kitchenware, don’t but cabinets just yet. Adding furniture to your kitchen can only eat up all the floor space you need. Remember, your primary objective is to maximize the space. Be creative with countertops by installing customized drawers. These projects are easy and cost-effective.

Another effective way to save up some space is to install detachable hanging shelves. Making use of the vertical space is the best trick to get rid of that bulky kitchen furniture. Again, keep the colors, and avoid intricate door designs.

Opting for Glass-Front Cabinet Doors

spacious kitchen area in modern interior design

Glass doors can add visual depth. As we all know, glass reflection is one of the best tricks to make any space look bigger. In case you decide to go for glass panels, match it with light woodwork for more visual effect.

You may also look for reflective materials to mix and match the overall design of your kitchen. Any shiny surfaces that create reflection would definitely make the area look more spacious.

There are many other kitchen designs in Kansas City you can adapt to make your kitchen look and feel bigger. For better results, it is best to consult a professional home builder or interior designer.



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