Learning How to Keep Your Heavy Equipment Running

When you look at all the heavy equipment, you often think that they can take a beating and keep on running. However, the truth is that these machines also need some care of their own. If you recently purchased one or more of them, you will want to implement a maintenance program that will keep them in good shape in the long run. Here are a few tips on how you can do that.

Train Your People on Proper Use

One of the causes of heavy machinery problems is improper usage. This can range from heavy trucks being pushed to unreasonable speeds to cranes carrying over their recommended level of weight. You cannot always be there to prevent these incidents. The best way to stop them is to have your people properly trained in heavy equipment usage.

Operator training usually comes with your purchase of the machinery. The problem is that many companies don’t invest in continued training. Your initial batch of trainees may retire or move away; if so, you have a fresh crop of employees using the machinery. The informal training they get on the job is not enough. They need a full course so that they know the intricacies of the equipment. Besides that, having a regular training course will keep all the knowledge fresh with those who once went through the training.

Know the Manufacturer Recommendations

Each piece of heavy equipment has its own specific quirks depending on the manufacturer. This is why you will want to know more about what their maker recommends. The best way to learn about this is to contact the people who sold the equipment to you. For example, every articulated hauler distributor worth their salt will know how to best treat their product. This is why when you buy one, you should sit down and talk with the seller on what to expect. Besides giving you inside information, they should be able to offer you repair services while the product is still under warranty.

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Keep It Clean

Another way to ensure that your heavy equipment will keep working is that they are kept clean. This does not just mean washing them down every once in a while. Heavy equipment usually has seals and filters on various parts to keep them operational. You need to clean those out regularly and replace them when necessary. This ensures that no dirt or debris enters sensitive areas that could wreck your machine.

You should also check how you store the equipment. Improper storage causes your machine’s parts to rust or has problems. Ensure that your equipment is safe when not in use. This is so that when you need to bring it out, it will be working great.

Implement Periodic Maintenance

Heavy use of your equipment means you need to have regular checks and preventative maintenance done. This can range from daily fluid and tire checks to monthly tune-ups. Having this ensures that your machines have less downtime and that you detect potential breakdowns before they happen.

Proper maintenance ensures that your heavy equipment runs true. The advice above can help ensure that you can have your trucks and haulers running for years without any worries. This can save you money in the long run and keep your operations smoothly operating without any delays.

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