Jewelry Fashion: Kinds of Anklets for Women

Women have been using anklets for many centuries now. But back then, anklets used to indicate a woman’s status and fortune. These days, anklets are still worn by many women as a fashionable way to accessorize their legs and feet.

Ankle jewelry, or anklets as they are popularly known, was first used in Ancient Egypt. Women wore bracelets around their ankles to display their fortune and social standing. Women wore gold anklets decorated with gems and precious stones if they were married to a wealthy man. Slaves and plebeians, on the other hand, wore anklets made of leather, metal or shells. In most cases, these anklets just served as talismans or amulets.

In Ancient India, anklets were worn in wider circulation and indicated the marital status of a woman rather than just used an accessory. The popularity of anklets rose in the West in the late 20th century, and today, women use it widely as a unique fashion statement.

There are various kinds of anklets that you can choose from. Here are the most popular ones.

Fixed Anklet Style

A fixed or inflexible kind of anklet comes in a simple flat metal sheet made of gold, silver or bronze. It holds together well when it comes to durability. However, this style can be a bit unattractive if left bare or not accented with gems and stones.

It is similar to wrist cuffs and also referred to as ankle cuffs. Some are also designed in bangle form with a simple chain design. This bangle is also called the slave anklet.

Flexible Chain Anklet

silver-colored anklet

This anklet style is more popular among accessory makers and jewelers because it allows flexibility in designing the chain. Designers can explore their creative side in forming and weaving chain anklet designs.

It can be accentuated with charms, stones and gems to draw attention or simply highlight it. The width of this type of anklet varies widely as well. It can be as thin as a thread or wide enough to cover a large area of the ankle and look like inflexible ankle cuffs.

Anklet With Bells

Anklets accentuated with little bells were traditionally worn by belly dancers. It gives a sweet tinkling sound with every movement; thus, it can attract the attention of the audience.

At present, anklets with little bells are worn in music festivals and summer parties complete with boho attire, flat sandals and summer outfits. For formal occasions, gold anklets with tiny bell accents are best worn with a little black dress and stilettos.

Bead and Friendship Anklet

Friendship bracelets have become really popular with teenage girls, who have even extended the trend to wearing friendship anklets, too. These are usually made with creatively designed colorful strings and beads. Girls can express their creativity when they make these anklets with their friends. There are also shops that make matching friendship bracelets and anklets for girls.

The feet, legs and ankles may be uncommon parts of the body to accessorize, but anklets are worn to draw attention to a woman’s grace and strength. From the beginning of time until the present, anklets will be a trend in jewelry fashion for women. You can accentuate your gold, silver or metal anklet with precious stones and gems or left it as is. You can also create your own anklet using other materials you can find.

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