How to Properly Protect Your Exterior Doors

Exterior doors are often exposed to different factors, such as outdoor elements and daily household traffic, which can cause it to wear and tear easily. Maintaining it can be a bit of hard work, but it sure will pay off in the end, especially since exterior doors are a bit expensive.

Here, we will discuss a couple of tips you can follow to make sure that your exterior doors in Salt Lake City will stay in proper shape for a long time.

Clean it Every Once in a While

You would never want your exterior doors to look awry, would you? This is the first thing that people sees before they come into your home, which is why you would want this to be completely presentable and clean at all times.

Make sure to do a thorough wipe-down of the whole door to remove the dust, stains, and other dirt. Second, make sure to use a mild soap that is suitable for your exterior door’s material. Give the door a good scrubbing using a sponge to get rid of all the grime that’s surrounding it.

External Doors and How to take care of them

Pay Attention to the Hardware

Do not forget to give some love to the hardware, such as the doorknob, knocker, trimmings, kick plate, and other types of hardware attached to your door. Polish these with a metal cleaner to make sure that they will stay looking new and shiny even after all those years.

You can clean ceramic or glass doorknobs with a dry, clean cloth that is dampened with rubbing alcohol. Make sure to wipe it dry with a clean cloth afterwards to avoid getting fingerprints on it. Clean your hands as well before handling the doorknob and other parts of the door so you would not leave dirty fingerprints on them.

Deal with Wobbly Doorknobs and Squeaky Hinges

Check your doorknobs and hinges every once in while and see if they are getting wobbly or squeaky. Tighten that wobbly doorknob by turning the screws back on and repositioning the knob. For squeaky hinges, apply a little bit of machine oil to get rid of the squeakiness. Make sure that you have a cloth to catch any drippings, as applying the oil to the hinges can be a bit messy.

Keep the Locks Properly Maintained

Maintaining the locks is important, especially since this is what keeps your home safe and secure. Make sure to give the locks an occasional blast of powdered graphite. This is a dry lubricant that is sold at hardware stores and can make the locks cleaner and like brand new again.

Avoid using oil-based lubricants on door locks, as this can further attract grime and dust. The powdered graphite can also be used to the hinges and latches for cleaning purposes.

If you are unsure about cleaning the whole exterior door or if you found something that needs to be repaired ASAP, then call a professional to do it instead. Never attempt to repair it by yourself, especially if you do not have enough experience.


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