How to Have a Great Wedding Reception

One of the things that most couples tying the knot (like you) are looking forward to is the wedding reception. Besides, it is where you will bond with guests, including your closest friends and family. Your guests are most likely looking forward to it, too, which is why you have to make sure that everything will be perfect during that day.

Planning your own wedding and wedding reception can be stressful, which is why here, we will give tips that you can follow to make sure that your wedding reception in St. Paul event venues will be a memorable one.

Put a Lot of Thought into the Seating Arrangement

You should carefully plan the seating arrangement and see to it that everyone will be comfortable in their own seats. You would not want your guests to feel awkward and have a bad experience when it comes to attending your wedding, would you?

Sure, you might feel the need to be a matchmaker and pair your single friends or family members with other people, but this is not the right time to do so. If you want to try it, then ask both parties first and see if they would be comfortable with that.

Give Souvenirs That They Could Use

You would not want those souvenirs and wedding favors to just go to waste, would you? Make sure to give out stuff that your guests would be able to use. Food such as spreads and jams are a great choice. You can even make it organic or vegan if most of your guests prefer eating healthy.

Things such as reusable straws and bamboo toothbrushes would be amazing too, as not only would you encourage your guests to help save the oceans and the world, you also get to do so by providing them with a starter pack!

Designate an Area for the Kids

kids playing at the parkIf you’re expecting a couple of kids to attend your wedding reception, then you should have a designated area for just the kids during the whole program. Kids can get distracted pretty easily, and of course, you would not want them crying or screaming during the main event.

Assign a designated area to the kids and make sure that they will be properly entertained there. Assign a babysitter or two and have the kids watch movies, play a couple of games, or do a couple of arts and crafts project.

Go for an Outfit Change

Being in your wedding gown or tuxedo is not exactly the most comfortable way to go around the reception. Make sure to have a separate outfit for the reception so you and your partner can enjoy the program without thinking about tripping or getting all uncomfortable with your outfits.

You can also swap your heels for a pair of comfy flats, especially if you are planning on dancing the night away.

Always keep your guests in mind when planning for the reception, as you would want them to have the best time during the program, too. Have tons of fun and do not forget to have your photographers and videographers take loads of pictures and videos!

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