Home Design Should Not be About Chasing Trends

Such is the importance placed on aesthetics that anyone with money to spare will want to use it to spruce their place and their life in general. Even those who do not have a big budget will find a way to make their home feel more expensive. It truly is a test of one’s creativity and ingenuity.

To get you started on your own journey towards a more stylish and visitor-ready home, these might come in handy:

Stylish and Smart Shading

You may be blessed with ample space in your property for all the design ideas you have, but done poorly, your attempt at home improvement could only lead to disaster. Rather than go with several disjoint ideas you have read in magazines but have no particular interest in, stick to the basics.

Understatement might just be the best form of design for your house. That is, of course, if you choose elegance over excess. Here, interior decorators recommended louvred roofs, as they can be retracted to allow natural light to filter through on a cool day whilst offering shade during noon. This adds a romantic vibe to an outdoor setup, making it ideal for an intimate dining area by the pool. With the right design, it can go beyond that and transform the space into an accommodating area for guests.

Colour Blocking

Client choosing a new paint colour for their homeA pop of colour never did anyone harm, but it takes guts to play around with several bold choices. This does not mean choosing random colours, however. Pay attention to their position on the colour wheel, as it is best to work with complementary colours.

Mind the hue and saturation so they can bring out the best aspects of the house. Have a test area for parts of the house that will be exposed to harsh lightings, such as outdoor walls. It certainly would not look stylish if your house is a glaring red rather than a cosy brick shade in midday. Inside, you can allow each room to have its own air or personality, but make it a point to transition from one room to another seamlessly.


If you have the money to spend, does it automatically mean you ought to spend more? It sounds like you are spending for the sake of spending alone, and this does not translate to you being content with the design you eventually end up with. You would be more content if you found unique items that resonated with your style, with the price being a secondary reason to buy them.

In the same vein, those who do not have much money to spend need not limit themselves to drab options. Thrifting or antiquing proves a good way to find items that add character to your home. Their rarity only makes them a more meaningful part of the design, and they might even be your central piece.

There is no right way to design a house. In the end, it is up to you how you turn your place into something you will enjoy and be proud of. With that said, go with what makes you happy and do not design for the sake of a temporary trend.

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