Hair Comes the Truth: 3 Hair Care Habits You Think Are Good But Actually Aren’t

If there’s a part of the woman’s body that receives a lot of TLC, that would probably be the hair. It’s the crowning glory, the first thing people see, so it’s no surprise that ladies give it the extra love. The problem though is, a lot of these care habits actually do more harm than good.

If you’re doing these hair care routines below, quit on them now because they might just be the reason behind your bad hair days:

Washing your hair often

Perhaps it’s because of the idea of regular hygiene or the therapeutic, self-care feels of a scalp massage, but girls just have a strong belief that they need to shampoo their hair every day. That’s unnecessary, and that’s bad for your locks.

Too much shampooing strips off the natural oils from your scalp, making the hair look dull, dry, and tired. This is true, even if you’re using the “best shampoo” in the market or the product your favorite Instagram influencer uses. Go easy on the shampoo then. Apply it every other day.

On the days you’re not putting any products, just run warm water and massage through your scalp to get rid of the dust, debris, and other pollutants your hair caught during the day.

Sticking to the same shampoo for years

It makes sense that you go for the shampoo your hair has gone accustomed to already to avoid problems. Here’s the truth: You need to change up your formula every now and then because of one, seasonal changes and two, age.

The weather can affect your hair health. Summer causes the scalp to be oilier than normal, so to balance this out, you should use a less-hydrating product that has a volumizing formula. During cold weathers, go for a shampoo that has moisturizing ingredients, like shea butter.

Age changes your hair’s appearance, as well. As people grow older, hair becomes dry, thin, and brittle. To address this, switch to Argan shampoo that Philippines’ beauty experts recommend. This product helps restore the natural shine of your strands and may even treat hair loss.

Brushing your hair after a shower

Girl getting her hair shampooed

You do it to detangle and give your mane a nice, straightening pampering sesh. Apparently, this practice only makes your hair damaged. You see, when your locks are wet, they’re at their most fragile state. It’s prone to split ends and breakage. As you just cleaned it, it doesn’t have yet the natural oils protecting it from all this damage.

Avoid brushing your wet, clean hair after bath. Instead, do the combing before. Massage it with a few oils to add shine into it. If you cannot do away with brushing after shower, use a wide-tooth comb that’s designed specifically for detangling wet strands. Better if you can get a towel to dry it up before going in — just don’t rub it aggressively.

How are you taking care of your hair? Make sure these things mentioned here aren’t part of your hair care routine. If they are, quit on them as soon as possible, and give your mane the right TLC it needs.

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