Five Top Trends in Orthodontics Right Now

Once upon a time it was only celebrities or the well-to-do that could afford to enjoy any advancements in the dentistry. However, as people realise the importance of healthy and aesthetically pleasing teeth, visits to the orthodontist from those not in the limelight are becoming more common. Discover the top five dental treatments in the UK today enjoyed by those in pursuit of perfect pearly whites.

Teeth whitening

Yellowing or stained teeth can be caused by drinking coffee, red wine, or simply from aging. One way to give your smile a fresh, youthful look is to have your teeth whitened. It is no wonder that this is a popular treatment with people of all ages and as teeth can be made to look several shades lighter with just a few treatments, this is also a fast way to get the smile you have always wanted. One of the most reputable whitening treatments is Zoom, a treatment that involves the use of a gel and a light-activated whitening process. Via a combination of dental appointments and home whitening through the use of the kit provided, Patients can have whiter teeth in just two weeks.


Perhaps the most well-known teeth-straightening treatment, Invisalign is extremely popular and effective. Adults with crooked teeth rarely have the option of using traditional braces to correct the position of their teeth. Clear braces are an excellent option for adults as they are almost like invisible braces and are barely noticeable, offering a discreet teeth-straightening treatment for adults. Besides being barely noticeable, this treatment is also popular as it doesn’t involve any of the messy impression materials that are associated with other types of teeth straightening treatments.

Dental veneers

dental veneers

This treatment is perhaps the one treatment that is most associated with celebrity teeth. Veneers are made from porcelain, ceramic, or composite materials and mimic real teeth. These thin shells are placed over your teeth and bonded to them with an adhesive. Veneers give your teeth a whiter, cleaner appearance and can improve the shape and position of your teeth.

Composite bonding

Much like veneers, composite bonding uses materials to improve the appearance of your teeth. However, this treatment does not involve replacing the entire façade of a tooth and is used to replace patches of decayed or discoloured teeth. The dental practitioner will remove the decay and “fill-in” the area with composite materials that are bonded to the tooth.

Dental implants and prosthetics

When patients require a single tooth or several teeth to be completed replaced, dental implants and prosthetics are often the answer. These treatments can be used when a patient has suffered an accident that ahs caused their teeth to fall out or be removed, or when the root of a tooth fails and a titanium dental implant is required to replace it. However, people are also choosing dental implants and false teeth to replace their misshapen, decaying, or discoloured teeth so that they can enjoy what they perceive to be the perfect set of gnashers.

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