Child-friendly: How to Keep Your Living Room Safe for Kids

Everything changes when you have kids. You will make a lot of sacrifices to attend to their needs. For one, the most important thing you have to do is baby-proof your home. Your kids will spend a lot of time in the living room, which may be full of hazards and threats if you fail to make the right adjustments. Here are a few tips to help you keep your child safe in the living room.

Set Potentially Harmful Items Out of Reach

Your living room is full of items that may not be harmful to adults, but can put a child at risk. If your kid finds their way to candles and matches, you may witness your house get set on fire. Your child may also knock down a vase, which will expose them to broken pieces. To avoid endangering your kids, you need to keep potentially harmful objects out of their reach. You can keep harmful items on high shelves or glue them to the furniture.

Install a Baby Gate on Stairs

You may think that your child is safe under your supervision, but they can end up in danger even when you look away for one short moment. The stairs present one of the most threatening dangers inside your living room. Your kid may try to climb or go down from the stairs, which will be harmful when they end up stumbling. A baby gate will immediately solve the problem. However, you should continue to watch your child.

Steer Clear from Glass Furniture

Having children may cause you to regret purchasing glass furniture. If your kid manages to get on top of a glass table, they may end up sitting under a pile of broken shards. Broken glasses are harmful to kids, especially when they reach their mouths. If you are expecting a child, you should keep your glass furniture in storage until they are old enough to practice safety.

Clean the Carpet

cleaning carpet

Kids will spend a lot of time playing inside the living room, which means that they are sitting on the carpet. However, your carpet is a nesting ground for dirt and bacteria. To keep your child healthy and safe, you must have your carpet cleaned on a schedule. You can hire a company the offers carpet cleaning services to help you maintain a clean environment in your living room.

Mount the TV

There are times when children will go to the television while watching. They will try to touch the screen in hopes of reaching the person behind it. However, the TV may end up falling on their heads. To protect your kids from a falling television, you need to mount it up the wall. It is also ideal for you to keep portraits hanged.

Remove Plugged Appliances When Not in Use

Kids are often curious about everything, which is why you should stay alert. Your kids may end up touching a plugged electronic, which will expose them to electrical hazards. You must unplug your appliances to provide a safe environment for your children. You may also install a safety switch to cut off power when your kids are near the electric outlet.

Having kids around the house will force you to change things. To keep your kids safe, you must come up with ways to protect them from even the most common household items.

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