Are You Planning a Destination Wedding?

A destination wedding is a great way to ensure that your special day is memorable. However, planning a wedding where the venue is miles away can be a bit of a challenge. This is why it is not a surprise that many destination wedding planners often make mistakes in their efforts. If you want your destination wedding to be a success, here are the mistakes to avoid:

Not Making Calculations

Before you start looking for wedding venues in Paris, France, you need to know how much you will spend on your wedding. This should be the first step since it will ground all of your future decisions. Look at your current and future funds and see what you can afford and whether a destination wedding is really on the cards. Nothing is stopping you from having a destination wedding, but you don’t want to be still paying for it after two years. If it is within your means, go ahead. But if it isn’t, then maybe a small ceremony is better.

Not Having Long Lead Times

Destination weddings are like vacations. Your friends and family can’t just drop everything to go to your wedding. They will need to reserve flights and set aside time for it. This is why you need to send out invites several months in advance. This gives people the chance to say whether they are coming or not and to prepare their vacation days for the event.

Besides the invitations, the leeway also allows you to prepare for the wedding properly. This will enable you to contact the venue, the caterer, and resolve all the possible issues that may arise.

Not Being Selective

We’ve all seen those movies with large wedding parties completely occupy a sizable part of the beach. However, bringing all of those people to a destination wedding can only happen in the movies. This is because it is expensive to support a large party. As your guests, you need to be able to accommodate them properly. Having a large party can mean a large budget, so try to select only the people whom you want to attend your wedding.

Not Being Smart About Expenses

Yes, you’ve got a budget already. However, as you plan your destination weddings, you might notice that there are opportunities where you can cut a few costs. This doesn’t mean you should always go cheap. Some alternatives can be as good as your original choice. This could be an up-and-coming caterer or discount seats on the airline. Just be alert and snap up the opportunities.

Not Checking Legality

A wedding is not just a celebration. It is also a very legal action, and you will need to ensure that marrying abroad will still be legitimate when you come back home. Ask a lawyer and look at wedding laws of your destination to be sure.

Knowing the mistakes above helps you avoid them. This will make it easier for you in the long run. You should have a destination wedding that is memorable, and you’ll enjoy your honeymoon with no issues.

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