Alternatives for Installing Gutters on Roofs with No Fascia Board

Most property owners and builders have only recently come to appreciate the essence of gutters. As such, most homes built in the past have no provision for the installation of guttering systems. One of the critical elements these homes lack is a fascia board. This is a board installed along your roof’s lower edge. It is the last support line for the metal used for your property’s roofing and also holds up the gutters in your property.

However, the absence of a fascia board does not mean you cannot have gutters installed on the property. A metal roof specialist will have various alternatives to the traditional method of installing gutters on fascia boards for your property. The following are some of these installation alternatives.

Roof Straps

These are attached to the hidden hangers found inside your gutters and then secured directly to your roof. In older homes with roofs which have been subjected to the elements, the straps will be secured on top of your roof’s shingles rather than under them. This avoids the risk of breaking or damaging the shingles. In new roofs, your shingles will be lifted and the strap installed under them. Though convenient and strong for properties with no fascia board, roof strapped gutters are less aesthetically pleasing than conventionally mounted gutter systems.

Side Rafter Brackets

side rafter bracket

These are currently the most popular alternatives for installing gutters in properties without a fascia board. Side rafter brackets are galvanized metal arms which are fixed to the bottom side of your rafters. A standard fascia bracket will then be used to connect the rafter’s front plate arm with a provided bolt and nut. The bolt and nut will be adjusted prior to final tightening to ensure your gutters have a correct fall.

Top Rafter Brackets

These work like the side rafter brackets. However, they are screwed to the top of an installed timber board rather than to the side of your rafters. This means that the installation expert will have to remove a part of your metal roof before installing a top rafter bracket. The extensive works might make this installation option expensive but the positive aesthetic impact achieved is worth its cost.

Rise and Fall Bracket

The bracket that comprises this alternative is a metal arm which is mortared or driven into the bricks which make up your eaves. It also includes a second angled section which will be adjusted using locknuts on threaded bars to guarantee your gutters have the right pitch and orientation in relation to your roof. A fascia bracket will be fixed to the angled section of a rise and fall bracket using bolts and nuts to finish the installation of your gutter system.

Most property owners without a fascia board assume that their building’s contractors must have had other provisions for averting water damage to their foundation and walls. There is however no alternative to gutters for the maintenance of your property’s foundation integrity. The above options are your ideal choice for protecting your foundation and walls from the damage caused by rainwater and melted snow if you have no fascia board for a traditional gutter mounting.

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