4 Types of Plumbing Drain Snaking Systems

Drains are an essential part of your building’s plumbing system. Unfortunately, they’re mainly out of view, so it’s hard to diagnose their issue when they start clogging up. Most property owners will then reach for their stash of homemade and store-bought drain cleaners, which have been proven to cause significant harm. These chemicals will eat away your drain pipe’s materials and compromise their integrity, causing leaks and even gushes in the future.

Instead of trial and error techniques for the unblocking of your drains, get Woodbridge-based plumbing experts to use professional methods to diagnose the issue and correct it. One of the tools they use to diagnose blockages is a drain snake. The snakes used by professionals are unlike the store-bought ones since they’re a precise size for your drain and most have attached cameras, which send real-time images to a monitor to get visual access of your drains’ interiors.

The following are some plumbing drain snaking systems, which can suffice for the unblocking of your drains:

Closet Snake

This is also known as a toilet drain and is a manual drain snake designed for toilet unblocking. Closet snakes have a long metal tube bent at one end with a cable running through it. The end of the cable designed for unblocking your toilet drain has a tip shaped like a corkscrew, which will thread into clogs and pull them out of your toilet. The bend fits in the toilet bowl and wraps around the trap where blockages are likely to happen. Toilet snakes are more efficient at toilet unblocking compared to standard snakes.

Flat Tape Snakes

These resemble toilet snakes, but they feature a flat rather than a flexible cable. Flat tape snakes will have a spear point end that will push the cause of your clog through your drains rather than pull it out. Their flat and rigid shape will enable them to push out even the largest obstructions.


These are a lighter version of sewer snakes. They’re about 3/8 inches, with cables measuring about 50 to 75 feet. Mini-rooters have an electric motor that spins the cable and interchangeable cutter heads to disintegrate different types of clogs. They’re ideal for washing machines and extended kitchen drains, and can be used to access drains from roof vents. Unfortunately, mini-rooters are not powerful enough to cut through big clogs like those caused by tree roots.

Sewer Snakes

man fixing pipes

These will suffice for drains measuring three to four inches, like those buried under cities and streets. Sewer augers have powerful attached motors that spin large cages, with cables measuring at least 100 feet. The cables have diameters of 5/8 to 3/4 inches and can get rid of even clogs caused by ingrown roots.

The above drain snaking systems can be bought in various stores, and most property owners have some of them for unblocking drains. Using these drain snaking systems without expertise will irreparably damage your plumbing system, however, and cause bigger issues than the clogs you might be dealing with. Many property owners have broken their plumbing systems apart through the indiscriminate use of drain snaking systems.

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